Paz Khanna

Sales Consultant

Mobile: +6421 088 49472
Email: [email protected]
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Property with Pride

With more than twelve years’ experience, beginning in his family’s large company to eventually owning his own franchise, Paz has developed a style of working that's both professional and personal.

Paz is highly organised and diligent. Equipped with strong marketing skills, gained while developing his own business, Paz knows how to close a deal.

Paz provides a personal touch, focusing on the customer and delivering a service that's tailored to individual needs. Skilled in the art of dealing with people, Paz develops long-lasting relationships and return business with his clients.

His success in both his personal and professional life is attributable to his diligence and commitment. Paz is constantly motivated by the satisfaction of a happy client who has achieved or is on their way to achieving, major life goals through property.

If you are thinking of selling, buying or simply want some friendly, informed advice on the property market, give Paz a call.