Mingli Huang

Rural & Lifestyle Sales Consultant

Mobile: 022 327 2300
Email: [email protected]
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Mingli is becoming a powerful force in Franklin real estate. Why? She has intelligence, courage and tenacity.

Mingli earned her financial degree in China. China wasn’t big enough for her, with an expanding mind there was a lot more world to see and a many more opportunity to explore. Moving to New Zealand and completing her Masters in International Business opened new doors.

Starting in financial management Mingli broadened her horizons into rural living.

Next step was supporting family with dairy farming, from Paeroa, Keri Keri, Thames and eventually Westport.

Big city to West Coast! Although she loved the farming life, with a growing family, a move back to Auckland was necessary.

Mingli’s data base is as wide as her experience. From farming to investors and developers then multi-national business including international investors looking for large rural land for improvement or land banking. There are no bounds. Mingli has life experience and vision. A perfect combination.

Where is the best place in the world to live? According to Mingli it’s Franklin. It’s where all of the crossroads of her life meet and where she chooses to bring up her children.

If she hasn’t got it. She’ll find it.
If she doesn’t know. She’ll find out.
To find out what the ever resourceful Mingli can do for you. Call Mingli today.