Kevin Seymour

Pukekohe – Waiuku – Clarks Beach

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Born into an established sheep and cattle farming family on the East Coast about an hour from Gisborne, Kevin has always had an affinity with land and those who work it.
Being the youngest of three by eight years, and the loss of his father at aged fifteen, meant there were some challenges to be met and some revelations throughout his life.

The early years were dairying and forest harvesting; leading to a decision that there was limited future in swapping time for money.
Land was leased, lambs traded, kumara, sweetcorn and other vege crops planted. Life was exciting.
Marriage and three kids followed. Kevin never forgets the feeling of walking out of the nursing home with the first child and the sudden realisation that parenthood is real; there is no manual and too much advice available from those who were never perfect parents anyway.
Farming in the 80’s – fantastic, well fantastically challenging anyway. Mortgage rates shifted from 10.6% to 18 & 23%. Overdraft rates were at 27-32% and then Cyclone Bola hit.
The thinking was then, as it is today with Kevin, that there is always a solution. A solution to his own family’s trials and those who wish to discuss their own. This mind set still pervades today.
A thought then – Rural Real Estate could suit.
This was not to be. Crops were gone and money was needed. Kevin went to work and opened a Nursery/Garden Centre where he learnt much about marketing and attracting attention to his products. This still works today – a seedling, a shrub, a tree, a large wholesale order or a farm, lifestyle or home – the process is the same.
Mid/late 90’s, provincial NZ became wealthy again. Gardening was forgotten, another lesson learnt. Sell the business when it is going well.
A thought – what about Rural Real Estate?
Back to forest management and harvesting in remote areas. Isolation, distance and terrain meant there was a need to be prepared, planned and innovative. People management was imperative. Always a listener with a deep interest in people, Kevin became a trainer/assessor and this gave him an insight into how people think, their measure of success; finding ways to create an environment for self motivation and education.
Kevin looked at his roots, his workmates and the respect New Zealanders have earned as a nation and then started studying to find out what has made New Zealanders the people we are. A hardworking, modest, gutsy and innovative people who live in a paradise.
Kevin is a patriot and proud of New Zealand as a nation.
Again – a thought – Rural Real Estate and, with now mid teenage children, it was time to pursue the thought.
There is no progress without risk – Kevin studied the market, the best team, best brand and away he went.
Number “5” in New Zealand within Harvey’s first six months, and a continual top performer. There have been some challenges and many successes along the way.
Real Estate has treated him well.
A three year stint with PGG Wrightson’s provided a new challenge. No market share there. From 0% to 14% in the first three months.
A shift to Auckland in December 2009 created a different view of the city and districts. From his provincial parochial view he developed a respect for those who live and work in this powerhouse.
Auckland is great – full of good people who wish to do business, will give a little of themselves and don’t mind others being successful. There is little room for the tall poppy syndrome here.
After a brief sojourn back to forestry Kevin again studied the best brand and best team, joined Harcourts in the West City. Finally Kevin moved to Harcourts Pukekohe Rural Office – He says ‘it feels like home’.
He still meets challenges with a generous smile, his eyes light up – the problem will have a solution. He has drive, finishing the third quarter of 2011 in the Top 20 Harcourts Agents for the Northern region.
He has ambition to become the first port of call for Rural Real Estate solutions in this region.
Kevin has already taken ownership of his destiny, hence the slogan

“This is Kevin’s Country”.