Amar Pannu

Sales Consultant

Mobile: 022 390 4166
Email: [email protected]

Ten years ago I left India and my family behind to create a better life for myself. Working extremely hard to achieve a diploma in electronics and telecommunications, then furthering my skills working for our National carrier, Air NZ, in IT support and sales.

I met my wife in New Zealand and we have a beautiful baby boy. We feel very blessed to be creating our home in this wonderful country, having the freedom to meet up with friends in the park for a game of cricket or keeping fit at my local gym.

After purchasing my first home, my passion for real estate began. My skill set is in sales and information technology. Speaking three languages, makes me a great communicator. I realised I have much to offer clients and I love working together to create the ‘Dream’.

The ‘Dream’ that I know so well… life is what you make of it.

Let me help you fulfil your Vision – Let’s do it Together!