At Harcourts Property Management we focus on communication and we believe that property inspections are one of the most important aspects of our job.

This is why we have invested heavily in resources to provide property owners with quality reporting and communication. This is not only to record the condition of the property at a certain point of time but also as a means to communicate the condition of properties (and maintenance issues) to landlords.

Harcourts Property Management property managers carry out two types of property inspections: incoming/outgoing inspections are completed before or after a tenant moves in and record the condition of the property; maintenance/routine inspections are carried out throughout all tenancies every 13 weeks.

Incoming/Outgoing Reports

All landlords are required to record the condition of a property prior to tenants moving in. Incoming and outgoing inspections before and after tenants move in or vacate are included in your management fees.

Harcourts Property Management's comprehensive digital inspection reporting system allows us to easily integrate an incoming condition report with lots of photos. This is most important if there are any disagreements with tenants on the condition of a property and damages. If we are ever required to make a court claim for damage against a tenant then these quality reports allow us to prove beyond a doubt the original condition of a property.

Maintenance/Routine Inspection Reports

There are two main reasons we complete these routine inspections while a tenancy is in place. Firstly to check the tenant is still suitable for the property and is meeting all presentation and cleanliness obligations. Secondly to identify and communicate any maintenance issues to property owners. Port Realty Property Management provides a customised property management service whereby YOU CHOOSE aspects of your service including quarterly, six monthly or yearly routine inspection cycles. The frequency of inspections is dictated by insurance requirements as some insurers require quarterly inspections.

After we have completed a maintenance/routine inspection the property owner will receive a copy of the digital report with photos attached. The report will identify any urgent maintenance issues or aesthetic issues that could be addressed at some stage to improve the presentation of a property. It will also identify any tenant issues and how the Property Manager intends to deal with them.

Property owners can then CHOOSE if they would like the property manager to arrange any maintenance on their behalf or if they would like to address any issues themselves. If required property managers will simply communicate maintenance issues to owners as it is our policy not to spend your rent on maintenance without your approval.

This comprehensive inspection reporting system helps eliminate surprises as property investors simply don’t like surprises. Being regularly updated that some aspects of your property such as fences or carpets may be looking tired or dated allows the owner to plan and budget for this work over time. Digital photos allow owners to see the issues themselves which really helps to improve the level of communication.

Addressing any recommended maintenance issues has many benefits for property owners.

Properties with proactive landlords who regularly fix any issues are generally properties that achieve higher rents and longer term stable tenancies with little downtime between tenancies: this all leads to improved returns. Properties where maintenance is not completed regularly and presentation is left to degrade are properties that attract tenants more likely to have rent arrears, stay for shorter terms and suffer longer vacancy periods while work is completed between tenancies.