Managing your own property can be time consuming, stressful and costly; all compelling reasons to have your valuable assets managed professionally. The property management sector has grown from virtual non-existence to a multi-million dollar industry within the space of forty years. Choosing a professional company with a proven track record would be a wise first step.

Harcourts Property Management currently manages portfolios valued in excess of $400 million dollars. With offices in several handy locations, including Pukekohe, much of our business involves properties in Franklin, Counties Manukau and South Auckland. Well resourced, we employ the very best property managers using the latest technologies available.

Successful property management requires high levels of expertise, including familiarity with all relevant legislation. Equally important is maintaining respectful relationships with good tenants. Harcourts Property Managers excel at finding the very best tenants who look after property and pay their rent on time. Such results are only possible through experience, effective communication and professional commitment.

Harcourts Property Management is an innovative, award winning company, well-versed in protecting assets and growing returns for our landlords. Equally significant is a determination to remain in touch with a rapidly changing industry environment.

Auckland property managers you can trust

We believe that trust has to be earned. We can talk until we're blue in the face about our 25 year track record as property managers, or the fact that we are one of Auckland's most successful award winning property managers… or the fact that we are a market leader in innovative systems and customer service… or the fact that we ourselves are passionate property investors… or our unhealthy obsession and detailed knowledge of the Residential Tenancies Act…

But all of that means nothing unless you take the first step and contact us for an information pack, or a free and confidential discussion about how we can help you. Below is some information to assist you to take the right step and engage Harcourts Property Management to manage your property.

Over 25 years’ experience

Whether you own a single property, or operate an extensive portfolio of rental property, Harcourts Property Management can help. We manage portfolios of property valued in excess of $400 million dollars, and with over 25 years experience in Auckland property management, our award winning service is time-tested with proven results. Backed by qualified staff who receive on-going training, and with excellent systems in place, you can be reassured your investment is in good hands. We use the latest, high quality, custom property management accounting technology to administrate your properties and ensure low arrears, low vacancies, competitive rents and excellent communication. We have a proven track record of successfully marketing and managing our clients' investment properties.

Open communication

We pride ourselves in our communication to landlords and tenants and our commitment to this is yet another reason we continue to receive industry awards. We keep our clients fully informed with regular phone calls, emails, letters and updates. We advise them promptly on all matters of interest which affect their investment. We respect our tenants' privacy and value their tenancies as an important part of the equation. We put an emphasis on communicating tenant obligations and we do all we can to ensure they are completely satisfied with their tenancies. By respecting tenants' rights and being proactive in our approach this in turn encourages tenants to stay long term. Happy tenants more than often result in happy landlords. Communication is the key to this successful relationship.

Customised property management service

We can structure a customised management service to suit your needs where you choose the level of service you require, allowing you the flexibility to be as hands-off or hands-on as you want—adding value to your investment and avoiding unnecessary costs. Many landlords require a slightly different service based on their individual goals and objectives and we understand and cater for this. You can dictate aspects of your service such as: frequency of your rent payments to your account (monthly or twice monthly), maintenance provisions and limits, tenancy conditions and more. Everything we do is set up to help Auckland property investors reach their goals faster and with minimal fuss. View our FAQ's to see how we deal with specific everyday issues as property managers and what is included in our property management service.

The most suitable tenant every time

Matching the right tenant to your property is vital for long term trouble-free ownership. Port Realty Property Management hand picks all of our tenants. All prospective tenants undergo a comprehensive tenant selection process to make sure they are suited to the property. We carry out reference and credit checks on all potential tenants and if they don't meet our criteria we will not place them in your property!

Zero rent arrears policy

Rent arrears is minimised through highly effective arrears control. If tenants fall in to arrears then a comprehensive system is followed to ensure missed payments are remedied ASAP. All requirements of the Residential Tenancies Act and Landlord Rent Insurance obligations are followed to the letter to ensure a prompt outcome. Clients are kept updated every step of the way.

Maximise the increase in your rental property's value

A well-presented and maintained rental property with a dedicated property manager is essential to ensuring that your prized asset goes up in value. Our service for landlords includes detailed digital inspection reports that highlight maintenance issues before they become urgent and costly repairs. We provide feedback on improvements to make your rental property more appealing, thereby increasing demand and rent, resulting in a higher yield and increased capital value. And you’ll be looked after by a dedicated, highly skilled property manager that will provide you with the best advice, support and service.

Our tenants are our customers too!

We are dedicated to providing tenants with an efficient, proactive service. Our goal is to promote stable LONG TERM tenancies and a focus on customer service helps ensure this. We provide tenants with a number of valuable resources in order to educate them of their obligations and encourage long term tenancies, minimal turnover and low vacancies. You can peruse our Tenant's Welcome to Renting Pack, which contains information on the most important obligations of a tenancy. We also provide tenant budgeting tools to help tenants meet their outgoings and help ensure rent is always paid.