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About Port Property Management

Choosing the right company to manage your investment property is a big decision as the landscape in which we operate is ever-changing. Property management has become so much more than simply coordinating tenancies and rental payments. Harcourts Port Property Management Limited is dedicated to providing outstanding Property Management Service to all customers.

The role is now increasingly legislative based, requiring a distinct skill set and ongoing education to ensure regulations are met and that both landlords and tenants are kept safe from the risks associated with non-compliance.

Your Harcourts Port Property Management property manager is equipped with the abilities to manage the unique balance between helping landlords achieve their long term financial goals and ensuring they also honour their many legal obligations. You don’t want your investment to become a liability.

Our team places an enormous amount of emphasis on taking the time to listen and understand clients’ individual needs. Service is important to us and managing one of your greatest assets is a responsibility not taken lightly.

Harcourts Port Property Management is a franchised part of the The Harcourts Group. This means that when you work with us, you’re working with one of New Zealand’s oldest and most trusted businesses.

Part of the Harcourts Group ethos is to always strive for the best outcome for our clients - both property owners and tenants.