Working at Home with Kids - Edition 26 Apr 2020

Keep kids entertained. Take the pressure off!

Let kids be kids. Working from home isn’t for everyone, and no family has the perfect plan or set up for doing so. Aim for the best balance possible and spend time learning, exploring, or playing with your kids in your break times. Make learning fun, and there is something for everyone – from toddlers to teens.

1. Be radically realistic
You may not be able to work your regular hours or at full capacity throughout. Let your manager and colleagues know if you can’t be available for that phone call or sit through an entire meeting, they will surely understand and work with you. And, don’t forget that mute button when on conference calls!

2. Make the most of online resources
Language – Trace letters, practice word recognition, phonics, play word challenges with the family
Geography – Make them early explorers. Do you know where Rabbit Island is in NZ? Go hunting on maps!
Math – There are worksheets and games to trace numbers, count, divide, multiply and more
Puzzles and mazes – telling-time activities, mapping countries, treasure hunts and board games for all

3. Go on a bear hunt. Not literally.
Heard of the bear hunt activity? Go out for a walk with the kids every day and spot the teddy bears in peoples windows – they’re everywhere. Visit a new street every day, and get them to keep track of it, challenge them, make it a family activity. We at Harcourts have joined in, check our Facebook page for details. Join the fun by printing one of our bear posters, even better, we’ve got a poster that you could get your kids to colour – colour them wild!

Remember, you want to mindfully enjoy this time together, at the same time, help your kids develop skills, stay healthy and happy.