Noticed some changes?27 Feb 2020

Noticed some changes?

Osborne Realty is proud to announce their merger with Harcourts Port Realty Pukekohe. This exciting partnership will see the same local faces from Osbornes, backed with the support of New Zealand largest and most trusted real estate brand.

Harcourts, established in 1888 (the oldest real estate brand in New Zealand) believe in: people first, doing the right thing, being courageous and above all, enjoying what they do. The merger of Osbornes and Harcourts sees two trusted brands coming together to deliver expectation personal service and the best outcomes for every client they work with.

Partnerships made in Heaven

Kevin and Christine Seymour, part owners of Harcourts Port Realty Pukekohe came to Franklin in 2012. Coming from a rural East Coast background they felt comfortable here and feel in love with this community.

Kay Wain, also part owner of Port Realty is a proud mother of a grown up family of three. Born a fifth generation Kiwi, she loved growing up on a sheep and cattle farm in the far North . Kay has worked as Kevin’s totally trusted sales business partner for five years.

A coffee with Kim-Maree sparked an idea, a light bulb moment shared from first mention. There was mutual respect and trust, a long history of two strong brands.

Merge the two and create a force to be reckoned with.

The four of them combined life experiences and strengths creating a ‘partnership made in heaven’.

They have the same philosophy ‘learn lessons from the past but do not look back. The view in the front is much broader and has the opportunity attached. Look forward’.

What will this business look like in two years’ time? Follow them and find out!

These four, together with the strong and valued backing of the Harcourts management are dedicated to delivering exceptional service for all their clients along with outstanding results.