Little house causes a few Little problems4 Sep 2019

What a great opportunity for young people. Pukekohe High School students were given the chance to help build a complete little house and Harcourts had the opportunity of marketing it.

We were all excited. Especially Irene van Wijk, the agent given the task of marketing the property.

We needed some publicity so I hopped in the trusty Harcourts wagon and arrived on site to interview the sixteen year boys and their carpenter mentor. Great in theory. In practice somewhat harder.

“So boys, were you excited to be working on an actual project?”


“What was the most exciting part?”

I was forgetting. Sixteen year old boys don’t do exciting. They barely do talking. Awkward.

And so to Mike.

“How has it been working on this project Mike?”


“Are the boys good learners?”



I was forgetting. Builders don’t really do talking either. Photos would have to tell the story.

Fantastic! The house was finished. Now for some styling. Enter Kay Wain. Harcourts complimentary home stylist.

“Love the colours and the space,” says Kay “I wonder if a furniture company would like to display some product…?”

Yes ! Furniture Now would be delighted but we would need to get it there. We thought it best to pay for removal rather than trusting the Harcourts wagon. The relief on the owner’s face was rewarding.

‘When will it be open?” Good point. Back to base.

Kay and I arrive at the house to unload the furnishing and await the arrival of the furniture truck. The painter is unimpressed to see us.

“This paint needs at least twenty four hours to dry,”’ he says.

“No problem, says Kay.” We’ll stay away from the walls!”

And thus the staging begins. We had optimistically been waiting for beds and lounge suites. Unfortunately, some assembly was required. All the stories about blondes are false. Kay and I made short work of H1 and G5. Ta da! George Clark eat your
heart out!

The day of the auction dawned. Fine but cold and windy. Very cold and very windy. And Harry the Harcourts cat was refusing to wear his glittery gumboots. I guess Harry has a few things in common with sixteen year old boys. A lot of things
actually. He was very fond of distributing the chocolates however, most disappearing inside a small shed where ten teenagers sat grunting at each other.

Shane auctioned enthusiastically and the bidders and agents froze stoically.

Sold! To a couple who had popped in for a look on an off chance. They now have a perfect small home with a past. And Kay and I have to unstyle. And unmake. And order a furniture truck.

And what do the boys think of the outcome?

No reply

Were you pleased with the price?


Perhaps my next interview will be at a preschool with little girls There’s a thought. A Wendy house to auction.

Watch this space.

Christine Mackway-Jones Business Owner