Harcourts Property Focus.17 Oct 2019

Whether you love the thrill of an auction or your knees tremble at the thought, auctions have become the preferred method of selling property in most of the major centres across the country.

For those who are new to the process, buying or selling at auction can appear daunting. Don’t be put off! There are many advantages, and a few tips and tricks, that you should know about before entering the auction room.

The advantages of auctions for the seller

As a seller, an auction offers you the opportunity to achieve the best price in the marketplace in the shortest possible time. Here are some of the many reasons why selling at auction has become so popular:

  • Marketing without a fixed price increases the number of cash-in-hand buyers who will look at your property.
  • Buyers come to an auction with their maximum price in mind as opposed to focussing on how low they can negotiate the price down to.
  • Auctions allow buyers to determine the value of the property rather than relying on a sales consultant or a valuer, which can potentially result in a price that is too low and leaves money on the table, or too high and the property remains on the market for an extended period of time.
  • Auctions attract the best buyers in the market, the ones that are cashed up and ready to purchase on the day without imposing any conditions on the seller. A third of all conditional contracts fail to result in a sale which can be discouraging.
  • Conditional buyers are not excluded from auction. If the seller doesn’t get a suitable figure at auction, there is still the opportunity to have a conversation with conditional buyers afterwards.

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