Happy mind, happy life28 Mar 2020

Top tips for your mind’s health and well-being.We humans are social beings, and as more and more of us face the prospects of physical distancing or quarantine we need to ensure we remain healthy and happy.

We have compiled the advice of psychology experts, as well as several health bodies to find out their top tips for ensuring our mind’s stay healthy and happy.

Create a routine – get out of those PJs, take a shower and create your to-do of all the things you want to do each day, getting at least one completed.
Mix up your day – find things to break up your day, and where possible change the location for different activities.
Take care of your body – eat healthy, get plenty of sleep and exercise daily.
Help others around you – find ways to support others by giving someone a call, run errands and collect supplies for them.
Stay connected – make the most of tech and stay in touch with work mates, friends and family with phone calls, texts, social media and video conferencing.
Fight boredom – make the most of catching up on TV series, reading and exploring projects you may otherwise not had time to discover.
The most important thing… stay connected with people – virtually – engaging in activities that make you happy and provide a sense of meaning, and do what you can to help others, which is a remarkable antidote for feeling good.