Find your rhythm. Make it fun, move with it.30 Mar 2020

Working at home with kids.Juggling work commitments with kids at home can be tricky as we continue to respond to COVID-19, but it is the new normal for many of us.

At time kids may want your wholehearted attention, and nothing can deter them from it. Leaving them by themselves for extended periods during these times may not have the best outcome. Setting some realistic expectations at work and with your family will help you find your rhythm.

Children live in your rhythm
Set a routine for yourself and the kids, eat, nap, activity time, etc. Plan work calls or work on that important presentation when they are napping. Break your day into shifts.

Make the ordinary extraordinary
Kids get bored quickly. Learn about their interests and passions and help them pursue it – there are tons of colouring templates online, for example, to keep them occupied.

A little quality time to make it count
Gauge your energy levels, eat a snack, step away from your laptop and give yourself a real break. Take time to sit down with the kids and involve yourself with what they are doing or watch a little of that movie with them, even if it is just for a while.

Find time, break the rules
Before they wake up or after they go to bed is your alone time. Capitalise on that time and get super productive. Work after hours to focus on your important tasks.

Kids and music are a perfect fit
It’s not just fun but good for them too. Playing with a toy drum can help with the development of motor skills for toddlers. For older kids, music could help them feel calm, and playing an instrument will assist with coordination in many ways.

Whatever it takes for you to get through your day, do it. You’re dealing with a whole new ball game, and you can own it if you make it work for you.

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