Buying a Lifestyle Block11 Sep 2019

City life getting you down? Dreaming of living in the country where you” commute” from the breakfast table to a barn or your home office? It might look like an easy life, but buying a lifestyle property can be a complex business. There’s a lot to love about living in the country, but you need to do more preparation for buying a place than buying a pair of gumboots and comparing the merits of ride on lawnmowers.

If the property you like is being sold by a rural real estate agent, they have special skills in this area and they’ll be able to help you figure out what information you ned to make a well- informed decision.

It might feel like you’re getting away from it all when moving out of town, but rural developments can be subject to rules that restrict what you can do. You need expert advice.

Things that we take for granted when living in urban environments, like water, sewage and access, can require more involvement in rural areas. When it comes to access, will you share a private road or right of way with other properties? What will be your responsibilities around this? You might think that it’s lovely having stock grazing out the window, but are you ready for a milk tanker driving past every morning?

In saying this, there is of course a lot to love about country living. All that we advise is, deal with experts. Our rural team know the ins and outs of rural property and can offer advice on these and many other issues. You wouldn’t go to a beautician for dental work. Choose a rural expert for lifestyle purchases.