To get the most out of renting, feel free to talk to our team. We are here to offer professional and friendly advice.
You need to make sure you’re entering into an agreement that will work for you.
It’s also important to know what all your rights and responsibilities are.

Choose the right home

Choosing the right home is important and work out what you can afford to pay.

Once you’ve found somewhere, make sure you co-operate with the landlord so they can easily choose you to be the tenant. For example, have contact details of your referees available.

Only sign documents when you’re ready

Once you have been accepted for a property your Property Manager will arrange a time with you to come and sign all the relevant documents including the Tenancy Agreement.

The Property Manager will go over the agreement with you and can answer any questions you may have. Only sign the Tenancy Agreement once you understand all the standard terms and any special conditions.

Record the condition of the property

Inspect the property with your landlord. Ask any questions you have and record any damage.

Make the right payments

Find out about making payments for rent and bond and who is responsible for these costs.

Get the right insurance

You’ll need contents insurance that includes tenant liability.

Get services hooked up

Get the gas, electricity and phone connected. If you’re paying for water charges, record the water meter reading on the property inspection report and in the tenancy agreement.

Get all the small-but-important stuff sorted out:

  • Get a set of keys.
  • Find out when rubbish and recycling is collected.
  • Get your mail redirected by the post office if needed.

Keep records

Get a signed copy of your tenancy agreement, and receipts for any payments you make. Keep them all in a safe place – they may help if there’s a dispute.