Meth Management Service for Auckland landlords and rental properties

Rental properties are at higher risk of Meth contamination, accounting for more than half of those discovered. Protect your investment by using Harcourts Port Realty 201's Meth Management Service.

Harcourts Port Realty 201 Property Management Ltd property managers have a zero tolerance for the consumption of drugs in properties we manage.

This includes Methamphetamine, also known as 'Meth' and 'P', which is a Class A illegal drug that is highly addictive and destructive, not only to users, but also properties where Meth is manufactured. During both use and the manufacturing process, toxic chemical residues (which are extremely dangerous to health) can be absorbed by carpets, wood, plasterboard and even concrete, contaminating the property. Renting out a contaminated property is a breach of a landlord’s obligation to provide premises in a reasonable state of cleanliness as set out in Section 45(1)(a) of the Residential Tenancies Act.

Meth labs have been a growing problem in New Zealand, and police figures obtained by the New Zealand Herald show that more than 1800 Meth labs have been found in New Zealand since the year 2000 (almost three a week), most found in residential homes, many of which are rental properties (as reported on Campbell Live, Monday 15 July 2013).

Meth contamination in a rental property can cause a multitude of problems for both the landlord and tenant. Tenants are at risk of developing health problems while living in the property, which could also be a fire hazard. Landlords can incur costs from loss of rental income, decontamination, and devaluing of property.

Our Meth Management Service

It is difficult to detect a contaminated property, even with stringent tenant selection and regular inspections. Harcourts Property Managment can put in place a plan to Meth-manage your rental property - this involves periodic testing and ongoing monitoring systems that will detect Meth use or manufacture. When testing and monitoring is combined with our high quality property management procedures, and effective communication of how the property is being Meth-managed, the risk of your property becoming Meth contaminated is dramatically reduced.

Our Meth Management Service will minimise risk to landlords and tenants, and provide the following benefits:

  • Attract better tenants as properties can be advertised as Meth-managed and certified Meth free!
  • Encourage long term tenancies as tenants can be confident and secure in a clean and safe environment
  • Reduce vacancies as Meth-managed properties can often offer a point of difference and potentially face high demand!
  • Both tenants and purchasers will have peace of mind and are more likely to pay a larger amount knowing the property is clean and free from Meth contamination