Property management is all about minimising risk.

As property managers our service is designed to take proactive steps to protect property owners. Having a property manager does not eliminate risk but reduces risk by ensuring that you and your asset are protected as much as possible.

If your tenant damages your property or fails to pay the rent, your property management company will take urgent steps to terminate a tenancy and hold the tenant responsible for any debts. Unfortunately, in some cases, the property owner is dis-compensated financially, whether it be due to a tenant not paying rent or causing damages.

Currently there are a couple of different organisations offering cover to help protect the property owner against their tenants. This is referred to as Landlord Insurance and is generally separate to your normal household insurance. Port Realty Property Management recognises the benefit of such a product and for this reason we support and recommend REAL Landlord Insurance.

REAL Landlord Insurance Ltd is specifically designed for landlords of residential rental properties that are managed by a licensed real estate agency. It provides cover that compliments your property insurance including:

  • Loss of rent
  • Malicious damage
  • Legal liabilities
The most common example of this cover would be loss of rent. If your tenant absconds or defaults on a rent payment then you can be covered for a period of time for the rent. Your property manager can organise this cover for you should you require it. As a property management company dealing with risk for many years, we promote the benefits of insurance... because it makes sense.