Auckland’s rapid growth over recent decades has significantly enhanced the city’s geographical expansion and population increases. The rate of increase may fluctuate from year to year, but the general trends are unmistakable. Population relocations from other regions in New Zealand and a steady influx of new migrants have both impacted positively on Auckland’s economic growth and prosperity.

Not surprisingly, the historical evidence would suggest that purchasing real estate in Auckland is a prudent financial initiative. Similarly, South Auckland offers several unique advantages for investment.

Some of the compelling reasons are as follows:

South Auckland’s convenient Auckland location and proximity to industry for employment have contributed to substantial population increases and ensured that house prices remain robust.

Rental rate of return in South Auckland can be rather attractive compared to purchasing more expensive housing in the central city.

Real choices are available in South Auckland because house prices can vary considerably. The luxurious lifestyle blocks to the northeast command significant prices, while the more affordable housing to the southwest is appreciated by those with less to spend.

South Auckland’s proximity to numerous leisure activities is ideal for raising healthy families and a fabulous bonus for outdoor enthusiasts.

While the statistics all point to a continuation of robust growth and prosperity in Auckland as a whole, commentators are not predicting a reversal in this trend for New Zealand’s largest city. Inevitably, South Auckland will continue to share in this success because of its useful location and ample capacity for expansion.

No longer exclusively a rural community, South Auckland’s real estate opportunities, proximity to industry, business networks, and regional infrastructure and lifestyle options have never been more appealing. For more information about investing in this delightful part of Auckland, call the team at Harcourts Pukekohe today.