Our Values

Our values are entrenched in how our Group operates - in the decisions we make and the actions we take.
Our values provide the foundation for our success.

People First

Companies don't succeed, people do. As an organisation we understand that our success is all about people - our team and our clients. We must never lose sight of the 'people' at the centre of everything.


Doing the Right Thing

There is never a right time to do the wrong thing. We all know instinctively what the right thing to do is, and so our focus is always to make the right decision, and to always do the right thing.


Being Courageous

It takes courage to always do the right thing, to always tell the truth and simply be the best at what we do. It takes courage to change careers, to open a new office, to enter a new market or country. Every day we must as an organisation and as individuals, act with courage.


Fun & Laughter

We spend a significant part of our lives in our profession - we must never forget that the journey is the most important thing, not necessarily the destination. Having fun and laughter along the way as well as ensuring the people around us do, will ensure we create a life worth living.


Harcourts New Zealand

Harcourts is the largest real estate company in New Zealand. Similarly, Harcourts International has a global network of nearly 900 offices and more than 6,600 sales consultants. These impressive statistics point to market dominance, brand credibility and inspire confidence for those who demand exceptional results. Inevitably, Harcourts attracts the very best consultants and operates leading edge technologies in order to maintain leadership within the industry. When professional real estate services are required, Harcourts is the first choice for many New Zealanders.
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Harcourts is committed to ensuring that the very best training and resources are available to all consultants and administrative personnel. The Harcourts Academy is a robust initiative which has contributed enormously to the success of the company. Our most valuable assets are expert consultants who appreciate the significance of their responsibilities. Equally, Harcourts have invested substantially in the Harcourts Academy in order to ensure that you receive the very best service from highly trained professionals.
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